These short, fully threaded rods typically nutted on each end. Twelve foot (12’) lengths of all threaded rod conforming to the various grades within the A320 specification are mass produced and readily available in the marketplace in both domestic and import.  Most studs are cut, chamfered, and stamped with the grade symbol and manufacturer’s identifier from these 12’ lengths. Certain sizes and lengths, especially in large quantities, will be manufactured from scratch instead of cut from long lengths of all thread rod.

Heavy Hex Bolts

In addition to studs, heavy hex bolts are an extremely common configuration of all grades within the A320 specification. These bolts are typically short due to their application and have a larger (heavy) hex heads than normal hex bolts.

Other Configurations

ASTM A320 does not restrict the configuration of bolts within the specification. Therefore, rods with thread on each end, U-bolts, hook bolts, anchor bolts, and other styles of headed bolts can be specified to A320.